“Real DJing isn’t about showing off how many obscure mashups and remixes you can quick-mix into every nanosecond, its about building a party and getting the crowd excited and giving the crowd exactly what they want: Good music they can dance to.” – DJ Maskell


Hi i’m Weymi weymo Asenguah, and I am the manager /  lead dj at in Lagos, Nigeria.

I started djaying many years ago and over the years have built up a wealth of experience along with a vast music collection of songs and music covering most genres to suit almost everyone’s taste.  I play AfroBeat/Pop, Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae, Soul, RnB, Disco, House, and Dance club classics. My real love though and what I enjoy playing the most are sounds from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  I am a  former student of both Alchemea College London, and Point Blank Music College London.

I have many passions including the love of technology and sound engineering. I believe music played at events needs to heard by guests just as the producers intended,  and for this to happen, the sound systems used in playing these songs needs to be at its best. In addition the quality of songs played need to be of the highest quality in order to compliment the sound system. In short I don’t believe in cutting corners with my speakers, amplifiers, cables or audio files which need to be at least of an encoding of 320kbps minimum to be used at on one of my sets.


I’m always investing in great  sounding PA systems, disco lightnings, effects, and of course quality dj’s.


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Dj’s Wanted

Are you a dj looking for additional work, or have you ever wanted to work as a dj?

Well here at we are always on the look out for good quality djs in Nigeria to add to our dj roster.

I guess  if you are interested in music, and you are both confident and outgoing, then this job could be ideal for you. As you should already know a mobile DJ plays music for audiences at live social venues and events , these can vary from birthday parties, weddings, bars, co operate events, and even the odd show.

To be any good at this job you will need to have a good sense of timing. Being technically-minded is a major plus, as you will need to understand the equipment which has become more complicated over the years. Success in this type of work requires you to develop some of the skills you need on and in your own time, like understanding and being able to use various formats including vinyl, CD or MP3, and a range of equipment such as turntables, mixers, microphones and amplifiers.

You can expect a majority of the work a mobile dj  does is mainly in the evenings and at weekends, often until the early hours of the morning, so its a great 2nd job if you needed one.

To be a mobile DJ at, I would expect you to have:

  • a keen interest in and enthusiasm for music
  • a confident and outgoing personality
  • a good sense of timing and co-ordination
  • some understanding of technical equipment
  • the ability to ad-lib and ‘think on your feet’
  • calmness under pressure
  • the ability to work to strict deadlines
  • multi-tasking ability, for operating equipment
  • the skills to manage your own time

So if you are still reading and thinking this might be something for you, then why not send an email to me at and we can see if we can take it further.

– weymo