Top 23 Wedding 1st Dance Songs

Your First Dance Wedding Song   As a reputable Nigerian wedding DJ I often get asked for on advice on choosing a suitable song or songs for a couples 1st wedding dance. What usually sounds like an easy enough task, is actually not when you come to think of it, everyone couple has their tastes in music, be it melody, lyrics or even both. What I try to do when asked is to give my advice based on my very...

Thursday, 27 October 2016
Water No Get Enemy

This a mix I put together on 8tracks.com a couple of years ago, and I only just recently came across it again…lol…yeah i’ve been busy. The theme at the time I putting this together was to showcase some songs I had in my collection that where either done by Fela, or directly inspired by his work by other musicians. The collections is also centered around Water No Get Enemy which is one my favorites.  I love Fela’s arrangement on Water No Get...

Saturday, 18 January 2014