Live Band, DJ, or Both?

Live Band, DJ, or Both?


Live Band, DJ or Both?


Believe it or not, but in these tough times some couples in Lagos do have to make a choice. Its fair to say that couples and families of couples find they have to jiggle budgets around in order to cater for all that is needed on that special day. So hence the question arises do you get a live band, and DJ or both.


As you can imagine this is much discussed topic on wedding forums, and blogs, and a simple keyword search on google produces pages upon pages of results on articles for the pros or cons of each option. One thing becomes clear however once you read through a majority them, and this is most couples in the west tend to go one or the other, however in Nigeria we tend to go for both. It is now such a normal practice to have both a live band and DJ, that it is considered to be the norm.


Live Band


Having a live band at your wedding is the traditional way we do receptions in Nigeria. Live bands bring that atmosphere and big sound, the type of sound that only a live band can create. Live bands play that sound and music that all can relate to, the sound that your parents, your uncles and aunties can all shuffle to while on dance floor. Its that traditional sound people want, its the praise and worship, its songs sung live in our own dialects, that what the live band brings to the party.


Wedding DJ


Nigerians are modern too, most couples are young they and their friends like Hip Hop, RnB, House, Trap, Disco, and of course they love Nigeria’s very our blend of Afrobeat, or AfroPop as the case maybe, and so this is where the wedding DJ comes in. Is a party really a party without dancing to popular music, bill board top 40 songs etc? The DJ brings a wide selection of music, styles, and tastes to the occassion, and all laid out in a steady flow ensuring a non stop music experience.


Live Band and DJ


So considering the costs involved, why do couples in Nigeria still opt for both a live band and dj at their weddings? Well I guess to answer this question you need to understand the mind set of Nigerians and their ideal vision of a wedding party. We like our parties big in Nigeria, and we want to cater to all guests. However, couples are always battling with budgets and so searching for the right deal is so important, but things are what they are, and nothing is really cheap.


It is very normal to find couples engaging an expensive live band, and a cheap dj, or vice versa, just to ensure that they have everything covered. Live bands can be quite expensive, good live bands can come with up to 12 people or more, and they occupy quite a bit a space too. DJs traditionally occupy less space, and can be much cheaper unless you opt for a celebrity type DJ.


Having both a live band and dj in theory is really having the best of both worlds, but in reality it can be a bit of a challenge especially for the event organisers, and or MC on the day. It is often overlooked but there can be a sort of rivalry between the live and and DJ, and even arguments over who can play when and for how long. Live bands look forward to getting “sprayed” with money as they perform, and may decide to sing well over their allocated time slots. You also get the guest having preferences to either the band or dj, which can determine who actually gets to play. I have personally be told to play while at a wedding reception while the live band was told to sit down, even though the live band had been paid to perform. I have also been told to stop playing and to allow the live band perform at another function. So these are common occurrences, which need to be prepared for and managed effectively on the day.


Choose one


Well my advice to couples in Nigeria would be to choose one or the other, a live band or DJ, this is normal and is done by many couples around the world. It is cheaper, and allows you budget better. There are less debates about who plays when. As a DJ myself I would suggest couples choose the DJ only option for their reception party. You have more flexibility and you get away from that monotonous sound that is characteristic of live bands. You also get a bit more space in your venue, and remove the unsightly PA speaker arrangements live bands are know for.


At djWeymo we have done several weddings in Lagos that have not had a live band present, so must stress that choosing the right wedding DJ for your event is very important if you decide on that option. Your DJ needs a PA system that is able to cater to the number of guests you are expecting. Your DJ also needs to have the right music and song selection that can cater to your guests age groups and ethnicity.


If you still want that live performance feeling at your event, then there are options you can add that can give your event that added extra. You can add a saxophonist, or other live performer who will spend 1 – 2 hours entertaining your guests and is much more cost effective than a full fledged live band.


My last reason for suggesting couple opt for one or the other is the value the couple are getting, as I said earlier most couples are working to budget, and expect to get value for the money they have spent. So as DJ when we are hired to play at a wedding we expect to play for up to 8 hours or more, which in reality becomes 2 – 3 hours when there is both a live band and DJ present. I believe if you the client are paying us for 8 hours of service, and we get all geared up to deliver 8 hours of service, then you shouldn’t be getting just 2 -3 hours from us on the day.


So in conclusion consider you budgets, consider what your vendors are bringing to the table, and also consider


Hope this helps


– weymo





July 20th, 2016

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