Why do you need to know how many guests are coming?

Why do you need to know how many guests are coming?


Why do you need to know how many guests are coming?


So as you can imagine we get to dj at alot of weddings in Lagos. Its been great for us especially since that’s where our business model lies as a dedicated wedding entertainment business. However before we actually get to work on any one job, we first have to secure it, by showing competence, professionalism and the ability to meet our clients needs on the day.


Usually the first question we get asked is how much do we charge, followed closely by “are you free on such a such date”. First question to do with price is a sometimes a deal maker or in many cases a deal breaker depending on how you choose to look at it. My rule of thumb is to gather as much information as I can in the first 3 – 5 mins of the conversation in order to accurately give a cost of service, that is hopefully within my potential clients budget.


My first question to the potential client is usual “how many guests are you expecting on the day”, and for some strange more often than not, I get asked “why do you need to know the number of guest coming? or “What has that got to do with how much you charge?” I’ve gotten used to receiving these responses, even though I do often wonder why my asking the question seems to cause alarm, or in an attempt to be professional am I taking this dj business too seriously. Anyway there is a good reason why ask the question and it does become apparent and always makes sense as the conversation progresses.


So at djWeymo Professional soundsystem we pride ourselves in being mobile djs in Lagos, for us that means we come to your venue with all we need to create a party atmosphere. One of the most important elements of our package is the PA system, and as a matter or principle we need our sound to be at its best. Since we cater to events of various sizes, there is a need for our PA to grow or shrink to suit the occasion. We cater to weddings with up to 1000 people comfortably with our equipment, and it only makes that for smaller events say 150 people we need less equipment, and hence our price or charge should reflect that hopefully giving the client a better deal.


As such I ask the question to my clients so they can give me an idea of how large the event is planned on being, while also giving me the opportunity to work out cost for logisitcs and helping them to save money.


Hope this helps


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July 19th, 2016

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